5 care tips for Phalaenopsis Orchid

Here at Feehily’s Florist, we love a good houseplant! Bang on trend, Houseplants are filling our Instagram feed with urban jungles created in the home – adding tropical colour, style and positive environment. Our Sligo flower team have seen even more demand for houseplants in 2020, as the nation spent more time working from home during lockdown and looked for ways to improve the home environment. And what better way than with fresh flowers and housplants from your local florist? Our best selling houseplant is the gorgeous Phalaenopsis Orchid our Sweet Pink Orchid has been flying of our shelves!

The Phalaenopsis Orchid (pronounced fal-en-opp-sis) is often nicknamed the Moth Orchid due to the shape of its petals. This Orchid originates from tropical rainforest, so thrives in warm and slightly humid conditions. And the best news? The Phalaenopsis Orchid is very low maintenance – requiring very little pruning and watering, making it a great first houseplant or gift for people who don't have much time for maintence or confidence with plants. Feehily's Florist delivered a stunning white Orchid Plant to Lamelia Bridal Studio in Sligo Town earlier this year, to help celebrate them being in business for 5 years!

How can you spot a Phalaenopsis Orchid? The Orchid commonly has has tall, thick main stem with large leathery green leaves. The Phalaenopsis Orchid produces flowers throughout the year, peaking when the nights cool during Autumn time. Their beautiful butterfly petals can range in size, colour and pattern – they each have their own exotic personality! We love the height the Orchids offer without becoming too wide so they are great at filling a corner space at home, and the stunning flowers create a tropical vibe and splash of colour.

Top 5 care tips for Orchids:

  1. Just the right amount of light: Find a light, airy spot for your Phalaenopsis Orchid at home. They don’t mind bright sunshine (but just avoid placingin  direct rays), so a window sill in the lounge or home office is ideal.
  2.  A daily spritz: As they originate from warm tropical climates, Orchids like a spritz of water to help recreate their natural humid environment - especially in the warmer months or heat waves. Simply using a plant mister or spray bottle, lightly mist the leaves with water once a day.
  3. Ice Ice Baby: We may sound a little crazy, or like an 80's hip hop artist, but instead of watering your Orchid try using an ice cube instead! Simply pop 1 ice cube on top of the potting soil once a week and leave it to slowly dissolve. This means the roots can slowly absorb the water.
  4. Avoid over watering: Phalaneposis Orchids don’t mind a brief dry period between watering, so just check the soil before watering - if it is still moist to touch then don't top up with water just yet.
  5. Temperature control: Orchids will prefer a steady room temperature with warmth too it -  so avoid dark, chilly rooms or spots where the temperature goes up and down a lot such as kitchen or conservatory.

After some advice on Orchids or plants for your home? Feel free to drop in to our Sligo Town shop and have a chat with our expert florists or give us a call!

5 care tips for Phalaenopsis Orchid